Harry Potter Party Must Haves

The month of May is all about me! No I'm kidding, kind of... May is my birthday month so I have naturally decided to make all of my blog posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and everything else as birthday themed as I possibly can. Now if you know me personally you'll know I love planning... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Witch or Wizard

The month of May is, in my opinion, the best month of all. The miserable British weather is finally a lot less miserable, the sun shines almost everyday and we all go back to our caveman instincts and cook our food outside using fire, which is pretty weird but each to their own. But they're... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Book Night 2018

As many of you know yesterday was Harry Potter Book Night, a worldwide occasion by Bloomsbury with the aim of celebrating "J.K. Rowling’s wonderful series – and pass the magic on to young readers who haven’t yet discovered these unforgettable books." Last night I was lucky enough to have the choice of two Harry Potter... Continue Reading →

‘Wotcher, Harry”

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. You may have found me through my Instagram, Facebook or YouTube accounts and so may know a little about me already, but I thought I'd continue spreading my love for JK Rowling's Wizarding World on yet another platform because you can't have too much Potter love! If you don't... Continue Reading →

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