Harry Potter Party Must Haves

The month of May is all about me! No I’m kidding, kind of… May is my birthday month so I have naturally decided to make all of my blog posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and everything else as birthday themed as I possibly can.

Now if you know me personally you’ll know I love planning a good party, which is strange as I don’t actually really enjoy going to parties but I do love the whole prep beforehand so this post is going to be full of some of the coolest Harry Potter themed party items I could find on the world wide web. So sit back, get your bank card out and get ready to arrange the best Potter party of your life or do what I do and scroll through penniless but full of hopes and dreams




Now you can’t have a party without cake and what do cakes need? Candles!! Cinereplicas have the most wonderful candles ever available! They come in a pack of ten with two candles for each Hogwarts house and two Potter themed candles too, honestly I don’t know how anyone could light them but you could just buy them and look at them because they are so pretty! But then again, if you do light them you get to make a wish and I know what I’ll be wishing for… A ticket on the Hogwarts Express!


Available here!




I did say you can’t have a party without cake and these cupcake cases and toppers are perfect for a magical celebration. They come in a pack of 96 and you receive 24 cases and flags for each Hogwarts house so there will be more than enough cake to go around, just don’t make rock cake, no one wants that especially if it’s anything like Hagrid’s! I just love how the little flag cake toppers look just like the house flags you’d wave at a Quidditch match!


Available here!




If you’re going to have fancy cakes you’ve got to have some fancy tableware. On Amazon I found this great party pack suitable for 8 guests which includes 8 paper cups, 8 paper plates, 16 paper napkins and a beautiful plastic table cover which all feature Hogwarts House designs so they’ll match your candles and cakes perfectly! 


Available here!




If there’s going to be a party then that usually means there’s going to be gifts! Of course if it’s a Harry Potter party you’re going to need some gift wrap to match and I found the cutest gift wrap available from the Studio Tour online shop. It features our favourite trio on three different coloured sheets of wrapping paper and it even comes with matching gift tags! This paper is exclusive to the Studio Tour which obviously makes it extra fancy.


Available here!


Take a Selfie


All good parties have good selfies and these photo props are going to up your selfie game by at least 9 3/4! I found these on eBay and just fell in love, I think I just need these to carry in my handbag for any impromptu magical selfie taking moments. There are 30 props in pack and some of the props included are famous wizard beards, Harry’s glasses, funny quotes and magical objects.


Available here!


Photo Booth


I love this sort of thing too and think they make party photos look that extra bit special. This is a wanted poster I found on Etsy, it’s just like the ‘Have you seen this wizard” poster from Prisoner of Azkaban when we first get a glimpse of Sirius Black. This is an automatic download from a shop called Framesta on Etsy so it requires little DIY but for just £3.40 it’s worth a try!


Available here!




These Hogwarts themed birthday banners are a great way to add some simple yet effective decoration to your birthday bash. Spelling out ‘Happy Birthday’ each section of the banner features each of the four Hogwarts hoses and the Hogwarts crest.


Available here!


Special Guests


Last but not least, no party would be complete without a special guest or two. Now if you watched my Christmas haul video on YouTube you will have saw that I had a not so little special guest come visit for Christmas and it was awesome! I  received a life-size cardboard cut out of Hagrid and he became the life and soul of the party. I would highly recommend getting your own cut out of your favourite magical character because the laughs you’ll get at your party from something so simple will really make your day extra amazing.

There are plenty of characters available online just simply google the characters name along with ‘cardboard cutout’ and it’ll come up just like magic 😉

Hagrid was £32.99 and the others are usually around a similar price.

Available here!


I hope this helps you plan a pretty cool Harry Potter themed party, I know these items would definitely help to make my birthday extra special so I’m sure they will do for yours too!

Please know that I am not in anyway sponsored or endorsed by any of these companies, I have selected each product based on my own personal opinions and have not been asked to promote any of them.

Prices and availability are correct at time of writing this blog post – 15/04/2018.



P.S. Here’s a photo of my cake from my 21st birthday party I thought you might like to see it!


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