“I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed”

As you know my Instagram account is my baby, out of all of my social media accounts and platforms that’s the one I pour most of my love into and give the most attention and I love getting involved and taking part in challenges and “tags” created by fellow Potter fans. A tag was created by another Instagrammer @Pottering_Daily, it was called  #HarryPotterThroughMyLife and the idea was to create a photograph that depicted your own personal Harry Potter journey so of course I was super excited to be “tagged” to take part! Here is my photo for the challenge…



So instead of writing a humongous description on Instagram, which I know can some wizard’s wand in knots, I thought I’d do a wee blog post explaining why I chose each item in the photo!

In this photo you will see my first ever copy of Philosopher’s Stone from when I was 9 years olds (you can read more about how I came to get this book here) surrounded by lots of other cool stuff!

Let’s start from the top shall we?

First we have my Harry Potter stationary set from 2001. This was one of my first pieces of Harry Potter merchandise and it’s something that brings a whole wave of nostalgia whenever I see it. I used to love using the stationary inside to write letter and I was obsessed with having black paper to write on! I must have been such a sheltered child because my poor little mind was completely blown by the concept of writing on black paper with a white gel pen!

Then we have my Primark Ravenclaw coaster, I included this just to show a little house pride, it’s not sentimental or anything and I have no cute stories about it so let’s move on!

Below the coaster we have a book that I’m sure so many Potter fans treasure, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I was so fascinated by this book when it was released. As a child I loved Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales so to have some fairytales from the Wizarding World was a dream come true for me!

My Gringotts coin collection book is next. I used to love going to Asda 28279950_10157122543589689_4373749726669193190_nwith my pocket money when I was little and buying the packs of coins to try and fill this book. I never managed to complete the whole collection so maybe I should make it my mission to do that this year!

The Magic Vanishing Goblet. This again was from my childhood, it was a part of my toy collection and lived in my toy box and I absolutely loved playing28056700_10157122543584689_6702555435058779110_n with it as a kid. I was so amazed by being able to do “real magic” and trick people into thinking their drink had disappeared with this goblet. Just call me Houdini!

Sirius Black’s wand was the first wand I ever bought and I got it while on holiday at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at 27973759_10157122543654689_6161168484750343956_nUniversal Studios in Orlando, Florida in 2011. Sirius is my favourite character in the whole series so I didn’t think twice when I was stood in the middle of Ollivander’s and in search of the perfect wand to be my first.

The little photo album was a nice little 2001 piece I bought from 28167276_10157122613244689_6872270978563359189_neBay and I love it but that’s not the reason it’s in this post. Inside this photo album are lots of photos from my trips to the theme park in Florida and the Studio Tour in London. So it holds lots of wonderful memories.

The Pumpkin Juice was again from Florida. I was so excited to try this and was so disappointed when I took a sip and found I absolutely hated the taste! At least the bottle is cool though!

Next we have the little camera case featuring a holographic Hermione Granger. I really wanted to be Hermione when I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, she was my idol. A strange idea when I think about it now I’m going on 26 and feeling old and find myself idolising the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange more simply because she is 100% unapologetically herself and bat poop crazy. Anyway, I included this as I used to use this everywhere I went when I was little. It was perfect for keeping my tuck money in in primary school! Now it holds all of those original Chocolate Frog cards inside, which I’ll get to in a mo.

How cute is the little Golden Snitch photo frame?! Pre-movie march is always the best! I’ve never actually used it but it’s one of those pieces in my collection that I can’t ever remember not having, it’s seems to have been in my possession since I first learned of the Boy Who Lived. So it’s one of my favourites because it is probably one of the first Harry Potter things I ever owned.

The Enesco Ron Weasley in Potions Class snow globe is just the coolest isn’t it? The Enesco and Royal Doulton pieces in my collection are pretty much the items that began 28058367_10157122550709689_8752077309966094546_nthe collection. They’re the reason I have a bedroom and storage room full of … well, full of my absolutely insane collection. Now I don’t mean insane as in “wow that’s an impressive collection!”, I mean it is impressive it impresses me every day. I mean insane as in “wow I am actually an insane person with rooms full of Harry Potter toys, books, models, posters, tea towels, etc”. Anyway, I chose our little Ronald here because Ron was my first favourite character in the series because he was funny and ginger and they were always two things I always aspired to be.

Then we have two little badges. The first is from Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London: The Making of Harry Potter. It was given out to celebrate the tour’s first anniversary. I’ve included this because the Studio Tour is obviously my second home and one of my most favourite places on God’s green Earth. The second badge is a little Gryffindor badge which was given to me when I first went to The Wizarding World theme park in Florida back when they only had Hogsmeade there. I went with my family in 2011 just months after The Wizarding World had opened. My dad had sold his huge life’s collection of Batman memorabilia to get our family there and honestly I don’t know how he did because it would break my heart to sell my Harry Potter things. I felt so lucky to be able to go to Harry Potter world so soon after it opening and couldn’t believe my luck when my mum and dad told me they’d booked for us to have Breakfast in the Three Broomsticks which included early access to the park. There was just my family and about 30 other guests in the whole of the park, it was incredible! As part of this early access breakfast package everyone was given one of these badges so it holds a lot of nostalgia for me.

Lastly we have the Chocolate Frog cards. Once upon a time in 2001, Harry Potter merchandise was incredible, even more incredible than now I’d say and we were able to 28056648_10157122543544689_4988184675550402848_ngo to our local Asda and find lots of magical goodies! Chocolate Frogs were my favourite! They each came with a card which featured a holographic scene from Harry Potter and there were loadssss of different cards! The best part was they didn’t cost the Earth to buy and the chocolate actually tasted good! I think I may be the only one who hates the Chocolate Frogs from the Tour/Theme Park, I only buy them for the cards! So these were always a nice treat to come home with after shopping with my mum!

So there we have it, Harry Potter Through My Life. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more into why I chose each item for this photo challenge and let me know if you feel inspired to take part in the challenge by tagging me in your posts on Instagram, I’d love to see them!

Some of the items featured here will soon be featured in an upcoming YouTube video so keep an eye out for that and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!


Thanks so much for reading!



8 thoughts on ““I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed”

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  1. Wow this is amazing! You are so lucky that you have been part of this fandom for so long, I have only read Harry Potter (nearly) six years ago, when everything was ending! You are so lucky to have witnessed the book becoming a thing, it must have been very exciting, I am sooo jealous! 😂 but then I guess you have been alive for 14 more years than me 😂

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  2. Loved this! It’s nice to know the story behind each of the items, and to know the sentimental value it holds for you! I’m not a fan of the current Chocolate frogs either – they’re too hard to eat!

    Liked by 1 person

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