10 Gifts That Will Put a Spell on Your Valentine

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for the special witch or wizard in your life? Fear not! I’m here to help. Take a look at some of my recommendations for gifts to show you care this Valentine’s.

1. Harry Potter on Location

Plan a magical trip full of romance and adventure for you and your significant other using this book as a guide. It includes all of the locations used in the Harry Potter films from the original Hogwarts at Alnwick Castle to the Hermione’s favourite holiday spot – the Forest of Dean. You’re bound to make lots of great memories with the help of this book.

£8.99 at Waterstones

2. Complete Harry Potter box set


You can’t go wrong with this beautiful box set of the complete Harry Potter book series in Hardback. Whether your loved one has read these books a thousand times or have yet to pick up the first instalment of the series, if they’re a Harry Potter fan they’re going to love this stunning set to delve back into the magical world with.

£103.50 at Bloomsbury

3. Time Turner Charm

JBC BP 1025

Give the gift of time this Valentine’s with this stunning little Time Turner charm. A replica of the famous necklace Hermione Granger wore in Prisoner of Azkaban to help her attend all of her lessons and which later helped free Sirius Black and save Buckbeak from an awful death. This charm is sure to put a smile on your special someone’s face this Valentine’s, who knows they may even follow in Gilderoy Lockhart’s footsteps and win Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award!

Plus, at least 15% of the sale of this charm will go to Lumos Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by JK Rowling. Charity number 1112575.

£20 at Nobel Collection UK

Get the matching charm bracelets themed for you house here – Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

4. Fizzing Whizzbees


If in doubt there are always chocolates! But these aren’t just any old chocolates, these are Harry Potter chocolates! Fizzing Whizzbees to be exact, cute bumble bee shaped Milk Chocolates with fruit flavour popping candy and the packaging is just like in the movies so you can pretend you went all the way to Honeydukes for them 😉

£8 at WB Studio Tour

5. Ron’s Sweetheart Necklace


Declare your love to your very own Won Won with this replica of the heart shaped necklace Lavender Brown gave to Ron, just don’t be all weird and clingy like Lavender, nobody needs that for Valentine’s! This necklace is so lovely and subtle, it will go with pretty much anything you wear so this is a perfect gift for your Won Won this Valentine’s Day!

£72 at Nobel Collection UK

6. Pygmy Puff Plush


Is it even Valentine’s Day if there isn’t a super cute soft cuddly plush? The Making of Harry Potter’s online shop has the cutest plush Pygmy Puff plush toys ever! Plus! They make noises!! Soooooo cute! They come in a pretty pink or a lush lilac colour so they definitely fit with the romance theme.

£16.95 at WB Studio Tour available in Pink and Purple

7. You Take My Breath Away Dementor Valentine’s Card


You’re going to need a card! Check out this cute and witty Dementor Valentine’s card which says “you take my breath away” by Nutmeg and Arlo on Etsy. There’s currently a Valentine’s offer on too! 10% of all orders over £5. Check out their fabulous pin badges too for more Potter themed gifts!

£2.20 at Nutmeg and Arlo

8. Amortentia Bath Melt

Check out Lovegood Bath Potions gorgeous range of bath products on Etsy, she has lots of Wizarding World themed bath bombs, bath melts and soaps and they’re so beautifully detailed and expertly made they will definitely make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day and every day after that! I’ve chosen to show you the Amortentia bath melt, which has healing oils and fruity scents and is sure to leave your skin feeling loved and super soft! Plus, they’re 100% vegan!

£2.99 at Lovegood Bath Potions

9. Howler Earrings


Scream I love you at the top of your lungs with these beautiful handmade Howler earrings by In The Dungeons on Etsy. These tiny little Howlers are so incredibly detailed you will be in awe and they are definitely bound to send to perfect message to your other half this Valentine’s. Make sure you check out the rest of In The Dungeons’ range of Jewellery and accessories too, you can adopt your very own Demiguise and give a home to a naughty little Niffler!

£10.32 at In The Dungeons

Also available as a necklace – for just £8.17

10. Love Potion Pendant and Display

JPC HP 7599

You can’t get more romantic than this! Give your true love their very own Amortentia this Valentine’s Day and I guarantee you they will be impressed! Just don’t go all creepy like Romilda Vane, this isn’t a real love potion after all it’s just a beautiful prop replica by Nobel Collection. This beautiful pendant is made of glass and is incredibly detailed, it also comes attached to an 18″ chain so you can wear it proudly. When you’re not wearing it you can place the Love Potion in the stunning and super classy dome display.

£39 at Nobel Collection UK

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer – I am not paid or asked to promote any of these items in any way. All items have been selected based on my own opinions. Photos are the property of each shop mentioned. Prices and availability correct at time of publishing.

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